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Ian Gallagher

I’ve come to the conclusion that Ian Gallagher does not deserve Mickey Milkovich.

Some of you may disagree but while I do love the character of Ian and I have a love for the actor, Cameron Monoghan, I personally, don’t think that he deserves Mickey.

At the beginning of their relationship, it shows Ian as the more committed one and that’s how it seems for a little while but then you start to see differences as Mickey starts to fall hard for his partner, he even comes out as gay for him in front of his abusive, homophobic father, wiling to take any of the consequences just to prove to Ian that he’s in it for real and to keep him from leaving the bar and him.

Now while they both have their extremely disloyal moments, I feel that Ian is the worst out of them both. Mickey risks so much for Ian when he came out and then in an episode or two after that happens, we see Ian giving some other random guy a hand job! So while Mickey is getting his life on track and is as happy as can be with his new official partner, Ian is off doing his own thing with someone else, behind Mickey’s back and then goes home and acts completely casual about it. Yes, before their relationship was out in the open, Mickey had done some things that he probably wasn’t proud of, I mean, he gets married for gods sake, but never did he not tell Ian, never did he do it on his own terms. There’s a moment in the show where Ian gets forced to watch Mickey get ‘the gay fucked out of him’ by someone else but that wasn’t Mickey doing it to just simply cheat on Ian, he was getting forced to do it by his abusive, aggressive, homophobic asshole of a dad!

And then after they go through all of this drama and after they repeatedly to stay together and keep their relationship going, Ian goes and throws it away when he breaks up with Mickey in the season 5 finale, he says something along the lines of how he doesn’t think he needs help and he doesn’t need fixing and because he’s too goddamn proud to admit he needs the help from the love of his life, he leaves the beautiful boy instead and fucks everything up for himself by throwing away one of the best things in his life. Mickey adored Ian and would’ve done anything he could of to make sure Ian was okay. Mickey didn’t deserve the cheating or to be left by the love of his life. While Ian had his reasons, he should’ve pushed his pride aside and just let Mickey be there for him.

So, I’m not saying I don’t love their relationship and I’m definitely not saying that I dislike Ian Gallagher. All I’m saying is that he doesn’t deserve Mickey, especially when Mickey begins to become the completely committed, sweetheart of a guy he is until he leaves in season 7 to Mexico.



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