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They call us the Slash Heads

They call us the ‘Slash Heads’. The girls and boys of the world who create perfect pairings between two of our most beloved characters from some of the best television shows and/or movies. Destiel, Wincest, Gallavich and more. These are just a few of the most cherished ships at the moment.

If you are unaware of what exactly is meant by the term ‘Slash Heads’, this post is written to explain it in the best way possible.

As mentioned, a slash head is someone who creates or just simply ‘ships’ an already made pairing, but the title itself is because of how you write said pairings. For example, Destiel is Dean/Castiel (From Supernatural), Wincest is Dean/Sam (Winchester brothers from Supernatural) and Gallavich is Gallagher/Milkovich (Ian and Mickey from Shameless). As you can hopefully see, the term ‘Slash Heads’ comes from the slash in between the names of the two characters being ‘shipped’.

While only a few ships have been named above, there are so many others that us Slash Heads go crazy for. If any of you readers have a crazy love for other pairings from the many televisions shows around, let me know in the comments. I love to see how many ships I know and I love hearing about new pairings to fangirl over.


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