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Just a little rant…

You know what I hate with every single little fiber in my body? People.

I know I know, what a stupid thing to rant about but from my experience, people are just annoying little pests and while I may be one of them (I’m not too positive on that), there are just too many types of people in the world and when you go out in public to socialize (another thing I despise doing) you can never be sue on what kind of person you may run into, I mean, you could run into anyone or anything such as;

  • Rich pricks: Now while there may be a large number of kind and humble rich people, there’s also a fair amount of pricks that just look at you like you’re the dirt underneath their shoes and it pisses me off to a point where my hatred for them no longer fits on the scale. I just don’t get why they can’t understand that just because some people may not have as much money as they do, doesn’t mean we’re not their goddamn equals. Everyone has a flaw or two, and for some, that flaw is that they’re a little low on money. Big fricken deal. Get over yourselves and move on. There’s bigger problems in the world rather than the fact that ‘she’s not wearing designer clothing’ or that ‘his watch isn’t real fuckin’ gold’. Jeez
  • Straight up bitches: Yes, there are many bitches out there. I mean, I bet you can’t meet one girl who hasn’t had at least 1 bitchy moment in their lives. I can proudly say that I have, but I like to think of it as that I was just simply telling someone how it is, ya know, the whole honesty thing that people say is the best but then get extremely cut and broken over when you use it? Yeah that, and let’s just say that the person I used it on was just that little bit too sensitive, let’s just say that we’re more of the casual bitches. But then you get past the casual bitches and you meet the straight up bitches of the world; The girls and sometimes the boys who would casually and extremely happily just waltz up to you anywhere, just so they knock you down a bunch of notches by pointing out your flaws or making up some bullshit to make us feel like crap and to make them feel like they’re at the top, when in reality, they’re not because the truth is, they just hate almost everything about themselves and are taking it out on the innocents.
  • The smelly ones: Now, I know this may see a bit rude and I completely understand that some people just can’t help the fact that they stink like sewage 99.9% of the time, but don’t you just hate it when you’re walking through a store, or just aimlessly walking around and just as you take in a deep breath, you’re almost knocked off your feet because their stench is so goddamn strong that you kind of just wanna die right then and there? And then your eyes start watering and your nose burns, or if you took that hazardous breath through your mouth, you start choking because not only could you smell the person, but you could bloody almost taste it? Well,  I for one, absolutely hate it and would prefer it if we could all work together to find a way to clear the world of whatever the heck these people are bathing in, because let’s face it, it’s a horrible experience.
  • The obnoxious loud ones: I am a loud one. I laugh loudly, I speak loudly and I make some very loud, unrecognizable noises. But never will I ever be so loud in public that I become the obnoxious type, because I refuse to be that much of a hypocrite. I hate the obnoxious loud ones. Yes, there’s a difference. The obnoxious ones are rude, disrespectful and half of the time, they’re gossiping or bitching about someone near them, or something that you just really don’t want to hear, and the fact that they’re so goddamn loud about it, is absolutely infuriating. I mean, dude, c’mon, if you’re gonna gossip or bitch about someone right next to you, you’re a bloody idiot. If you’re gonna act like that, you mustn’t be that special yourself, sweetheart.
  • The rude and pushy ones: These are some of the worst. They kinda just walk through you like you don’t exist and holy fucking shit, it drives me insane. Sometimes I’ve even pushed back or yelled something out because it ticks me off so much. It’s like, “I’m right here you disrespectful swine.” Not one of you can say that you haven’t been pushed out of the way or even spoken to in the rudest way possible by ones of these assholes. I don’t even know what to say about these ones because I literally just want to punch them in their smug little faces every time they give me a dirty look when I fight back, argh. It’s even more frustrating when you actually do say something back or you push back to get your place back and they look at you like you’ve just offended they’re whole entire fucking family and I just wanna fly kick them in their stupid heads and watch them go flying back to where they originally were before they were pricks and pushed through.


I could probably say so much more about why I absolutely hate people and I could give you so many reasons as to why I hate going out in public or just simply going outside, and I will in my next post but for now, I think I’ll leave it at this before I get too carried away and swear my dark soul out…

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Ian Gallagher

I’ve come to the conclusion that Ian Gallagher does not deserve Mickey Milkovich.

Some of you may disagree but while I do love the character of Ian and I have a love for the actor, Cameron Monoghan, I personally, don’t think that he deserves Mickey.

At the beginning of their relationship, it shows Ian as the more committed one and that’s how it seems for a little while but then you start to see differences as Mickey starts to fall hard for his partner, he even comes out as gay for him in front of his abusive, homophobic father, wiling to take any of the consequences just to prove to Ian that he’s in it for real and to keep him from leaving the bar and him.

Now while they both have their extremely disloyal moments, I feel that Ian is the worst out of them both. Mickey risks so much for Ian when he came out and then in an episode or two after that happens, we see Ian giving some other random guy a hand job! So while Mickey is getting his life on track and is as happy as can be with his new official partner, Ian is off doing his own thing with someone else, behind Mickey’s back and then goes home and acts completely casual about it. Yes, before their relationship was out in the open, Mickey had done some things that he probably wasn’t proud of, I mean, he gets married for gods sake, but never did he not tell Ian, never did he do it on his own terms. There’s a moment in the show where Ian gets forced to watch Mickey get ‘the gay fucked out of him’ by someone else but that wasn’t Mickey doing it to just simply cheat on Ian, he was getting forced to do it by his abusive, aggressive, homophobic asshole of a dad!

And then after they go through all of this drama and after they repeatedly to stay together and keep their relationship going, Ian goes and throws it away when he breaks up with Mickey in the season 5 finale, he says something along the lines of how he doesn’t think he needs help and he doesn’t need fixing and because he’s too goddamn proud to admit he needs the help from the love of his life, he leaves the beautiful boy instead and fucks everything up for himself by throwing away one of the best things in his life. Mickey adored Ian and would’ve done anything he could of to make sure Ian was okay. Mickey didn’t deserve the cheating or to be left by the love of his life. While Ian had his reasons, he should’ve pushed his pride aside and just let Mickey be there for him.

So, I’m not saying I don’t love their relationship and I’m definitely not saying that I dislike Ian Gallagher. All I’m saying is that he doesn’t deserve Mickey, especially when Mickey begins to become the completely committed, sweetheart of a guy he is until he leaves in season 7 to Mexico.


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Mickey, please return.

Shameless… One of the best and most popular shows out at the moment, season 8 soon to premiere. But one bad and almost depressing thing is that the beloved character, Mickey Milkovich, has left. Now I’m not too sure as to whether he is gone for good but at the moment, it seems like that’s how it is and I hate that. Mickey (Noel Fisher) is one of the best reasons to watch Shameless and not just because of his character alone, but because of his enticing relationship with Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monoghan). Their relationship starts off in season 1,  with them sleeping together after getting into a punch up, but while Ian is out of the closet and comfortable with his sexuality, Mickey isn’t and even though that’s the case, and for a while at the beginning of their relationship Mickey just wants sex, it’s still one of the most enthralling and cutest TV relationships as they both grow strong as hell feelings for one another (even though sometimes it seems that Mickey does more so than Ian) and the fact that it may be over for good, is disrupting quite a lot of their fans lives.

Mickey and Ian’s relationship lasts 5 seasons with a shit tonne of ups and downs  set with Mickey getting married, Ian getting forced to watch Mickey get the ‘gay fucked out of him’ and in season 5, Ian showing his bipolar traits he took on from his mother, but through all of the drama and fights, they stick together because of their love for one another. Until the season finale of season 5 when Ian snaps and breaks up with Mickey, which broke every Gallavich fans heart, that is one of the last times we see the rocky but strong relationship between the two, while we do see Ian go visit Mickey in prison at the beginning of the 6th season, it’s not enough to last us until the last couple of episodes of season 7 when Mickey returns, once again, after escaping prison. Ian and Mickey spend a couple of days renewing their relationship until they go their separate ways when Mickey leaves to Mexico and Ian ditches him to go home. They say their ‘I love you’s’ and it’s over.

All of that drama happens, they stick together through it all, and then they decide to make Mickey leave again and only give us a very small ‘maybe’ to Mickey returning in season 8. It’s not right and I’m pretty sure that all Gallavich fans would completely agree with me when I say that they should definitely bring him back because Shameless just isn’t the same without the Gallavich romance.

Fans are broken without the two together and none of us like the thought of Ian, once again, finding someone else because it isn’t the same and it never will be the same. Plus, we all know Ian will never be over the one and only Mickey Milkovich. No one will ever be over Mickey Milkovich.

Now, I will beputting another post up in the next couple of days that in ways, kinda contradicts this one and you’ll all know what I mean when it’s up. But for now, I think all of us Shameless fans need to write and post as much as we can to try to get through to the Shameless people as much as we can. WE NEED MORE GALLAVICH!

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They call us the Slash Heads

They call us the ‘Slash Heads’. The girls and boys of the world who create perfect pairings between two of our most beloved characters from some of the best television shows and/or movies. Destiel, Wincest, Gallavich and more. These are just a few of the most cherished ships at the moment.

If you are unaware of what exactly is meant by the term ‘Slash Heads’, this post is written to explain it in the best way possible.

As mentioned, a slash head is someone who creates or just simply ‘ships’ an already made pairing, but the title itself is because of how you write said pairings. For example, Destiel is Dean/Castiel (From Supernatural), Wincest is Dean/Sam (Winchester brothers from Supernatural) and Gallavich is Gallagher/Milkovich (Ian and Mickey from Shameless). As you can hopefully see, the term ‘Slash Heads’ comes from the slash in between the names of the two characters being ‘shipped’.

While only a few ships have been named above, there are so many others that us Slash Heads go crazy for. If any of you readers have a crazy love for other pairings from the many televisions shows around, let me know in the comments. I love to see how many ships I know and I love hearing about new pairings to fangirl over.